Improving knowledge

One of the greatest tools for empowerment is knowledge.  Expanding your knowledge of autism and the intervention strategies available may increase your confidence and assist you in supporting your child’s development of skills and abilities.

Training delivered by Middletown Centre for Autism

Middletown Centre for Autism delivers a full programme of training for parents throughout the year.  Training takes place in locations throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland and there is no cost to attend trainings.  The types of training available include:

  • 5/6-week training programme. Topics include Learning Style and the Impact of Visual Teaching Methods, Promotion of Positive Behaviour, Transitions, Sensory Processing, Anxiety Management And ‘Make and Take’ workshops. There are separate programmes for parents of Primary School aged children and Post-Primary aged young people.
  • Additional training sessions are available on topics such as Communication, Life Skills, Mental Health and Relationships and Sexuality Education.
  • Specialist training days are offered throughout the year presented by international speakers.
  • Joint training events for parents and professionals are held on a regular basis.
  • The Centre organises an International Conference every 2 years with a programme presented by a range of international and local specialists.
  • Post-16 Jobs Fair

Further information on training for parents is available at the links below.  The training calendar will be updated every summer with the training events for the year ahead.

Online Resources provided by Middletown Centre for Autism

The Centre has a number of online resources available at the links below.  These resources provide information and practical strategies to help parents and professionals support young people with autism.  The topics to date include:

Research Bulletins provided by Middletown Centre for Autism

The Centre produces a quarterly Research Bulletin containing an interview with an autism specialist and several summaries of recent research papers. Each Bulletin focuses on a different topic, such as Social Communication, Life Skills, Play and Siblings.  All bulletins are available to download from the Centre’s website at the following link:

Training provided by Health and Social Care Services

In Northern Ireland, each Health and Social Care Trust has an autism service which provides training for parents.  The links for each Trust can be found below:

In Republic of Ireland, the Health Service Executive (HSE), Enable Ireland and The Shine Centre for Autism provide training for parents:

Training provided by Education Services

In Northern Ireland, the Education Authority has Regional Offices, and each region has an Autism Advisory Service. These advisory services deliver training for parents.  Click here for the contact details of each regional office.

Training provided by Voluntary Organisations

Some voluntary organisations deliver training programmes for parents.  Some examples include: